Historic Preservation


Veteran’s National Memorial & Museum Project Fort Wayne, Indiana Misener Industrial Painting & Restoration (MIP&R) a sister company of MMP Professional Services had the wonderful opportunity of being part of the donated restoration project at the Veteran’s National Memorial & Museum in Fort Wayne Indiana. MIP&R donated equipment and materials to have the original military guns, anchors and equipment gently vapor blasted and fully restored. MIP&R also donated new American themed park benches and wood chips. The best part at the end of the project was to attend the Korean War Vets armistice anniversary ceremony. We got to meet so many wonderful people from the Korean War and just get to talk with them and their life experiences and how they and their families gave for our country and the world. Everyone at MIP&R were so honored, proud and touched by being part of this donation project and seeing how touched the Vets were when they saw the completed park. Below are pictures from that day and the restoration project. Thank you for taking the time to view this and remembering all the men, women and families who serve our country.


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