Industrial/Commercial Painting

share the commonality of painting a building that will be used for business purposes

  Commercial and Industrial painting share the commonality of painting a building that will be used for business purposes, but they have a different goal in mind. Because they have a different goal in mind they will be approached in different ways.

     Commercial painting involves painting the area of a business where customers will be able to view. An example of this would be the outside of a retail environment. In this scenario it is important for paint to be durable, but it is also equally important for it to be aesthetically pleasing.

     Industrial Painting, on the other hand is a setting that will not be viewed by customers. This key difference manifests in the importance of durability of paint that will be able to withstand harsh manufacturing conditions. In such use cases less durable paints that could be used in a storefront wont be used.

Industrial coatings are not just something we do; it’s what we know. Our expert knowledge of products and application processes are key to our strong reputation. Our expertise comes from years of experience working with a variety of products, surface materials, and continuous training for all employees.

This is what you can expect when you hire MIP & Restoration:

  • Expert knowledge of the processes & products needed for your project.
  • Detailed written quotes to ensure that there are no surprises.
  • A project manager for every job with daily communication.
  • Exceptional care & protection of your space with special attention to safety on the job
  • Commitment to our schedule.
  • A well-maintained job site from start to finish.

You can count on our dedication to providing an amazing experience. No one is more important than our customers.